Frequently Asked Questions

How are flight instructors notified when I place a general flight request?
Any flight instructor who shares your service area, and meets your search criteria, will be notified of your instruction request via SMS, push, or email notification.

What is a NAFI Master Instructor?
The National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) grants two levels of accreditation: The NAFI Master Instructor accreditation, and the NAFI Associate Master Flight Instructor accreditation.The NAFI Master Flight Instructor program confers a national accreditation to aviation educators based on a system of advanced professional standards and peer review. It identifies the practitioners of aviation education who have reached the highest level of instructional activity, educational experience, and professional service to the flight-training community—the true masters of aviation instruction—and it publicly recognizes these “teachers of flight” to provide a professional standard to which all aviation educators can aspire.

The accreditation process focus primarily on the individual’s instructional and pilot evaluation activities, as well as his or her experience and continuing education—the foundations of what an instructor is able to pass along to his or her students. They emphasize active instruction and pilot evaluation, not simply taking courses or the tenure of an individual’s instructor certificate. They are not honorary awards that recognize long-time service; rather, they are recognition for the individual who continues to practice aviation education at the highest level.  Accreditation requires a rigorous process of on-going professional activity. Like a flight instructor certificate, NAFI Master Instructor accreditation's must be renewed every 24 months to assure a dedication to continuous professional development.

What is a Gold Seal Flight Instructor?
A gold seal flight instructor is obtained by having a ground instructor certificate and within the previous 24 months have a pass/fail rate of 80% or above and recommending at least 10 applicants. It is a way for the FAA to recognize the best instructors in the industry.

What are the fees?
There is no cost to download the Instructair app.  There is no cost to search and view profiles, and place instruction requests.  The flight instructors spend Credits to respond to requests, so please ensure you take the time to message with instructors that answer your request.  If your instructor accepts credit card payment, you can use our online Time Tracking & Billing feature with a 3% transaction fee. 

How will I know if a flight instructor accepts credit cards for payment?
Look for the credit card icon in the top right of the instructor’s profile.

Can flight instructors see my address?
No. Instructors only see the general location you entered when creating your instruction request.

What if my search does not return any flight instructors?
If no instructor is found, we recommend you narrow your selected search criteria.  Browse using the map-based navigation, which may give you a better view of the number of instructors in and around your location that potentially meet your training needs.  Consider sharing your request on social media using the Social Media sharing button found in the upper section of your request details screen.

What if a flight instructor does not respond to my direct request?
If you do not receive a response from your direct request, after 1 hour, the request will convert to a group request and be sent to other local flight instructors that meet your selection criteria. 

What if no flight instructors respond to my group request?
Consider sending out another instruction request, adding more detail, and sharing it on social media.  You can also browse and compare instructor profiles using map-based navigation, and directly contact the flight instructor(s) you want to hire.  Contact if you have any questions, concerns, or need any further guidance.

What happens when I complete an Active request?
Completing an active flight training request marks the request as complete and no further communication, time tracking, or billing can occur.  This also notifies the flight instructor to complete the final bill for services provided.  All completed requests remain on your Request page indefinitely so you can easily reference them in the future.  Don’t forget to leave your flight instructor a review.

How do I review my flight instructor?
Once your instructor submits the first invoice for payment, the option to provide a review for your instructor will be available. You will be notified to provide a review with a star rating and to leave comments regarding your experience. Leave your review at anytime during your training. The review option remains open until a review is provided or the request is completed. You can give one review per instruction request.

How do I delete my profile?
To permanently delete your profile, contact the site administrator at If you make this request, all of your account information and activities will no longer be available.

Can I turn off messaging, SMS and push notifications for certain times?
Yes. Select Account in your profile. Select General. Under the Notifications section you can opt to schedule your Do not disturb hours. You will not receive alerts or messages between selected hours. You will receive all the messages and alerts you missed once the selected time frame is over.

What do I do if I have a billing issue?
Contact as soon as you notice any discrepancy between your bill and services you received. We will immediately investigate the problem.

Where do I send Instructair questions, concerns, or suggestions?
Please email We appreciate all feedback and will return your email as quickly as possible.​