Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit my service rates?
Yes. Go to your instructor profile page. Select Account. Select Payment. Select the Edit Pricing button. Your new prices will be displayed on your profile for prospective students, however, service rates will not change for your current students.

How do I add new instruction services or change my existing instruction services after initial enrollment?
If you are not Verified, you can change your instruction specialties in your Account settings. If you are Verified, you will need to contact the site administrator to edit your service types at If adding services, ensure you have uploaded any necessary supporting documents to prevent delay to your services changes being approved.

Can I set my operation hours?
If you have specific hours or days of the week you instruct, we recommend you mention that in the free text bio section of your profile.

Can I add a cancellation fee?
Yes. When setting your service prices, there is an optional free text section labeled Add Pricing Notes. This is a good place to indicate your cancellation fee. You should not charge your student a cancellation fee unless this is clearly specified in your pricing terms.

What if I offer additional flight services not listed?
When setting your service prices, there is an optional free text section labeled Add Pricing Notes. This is a good place to indicate any additional services you provide, including special instruction rates with and without your plane.

Can I set my distance for new request notifications from potential students?
Yes. If you have a specific distance that you are willing to travel from your profile location, you can set your notification alert range from 0 to 200 miles. Go to your instructor profile and select Account. Select Services. Under Location & Alerts you will find the range slider to enter your preferred distance.

How do I get notified of student requests?
Instructors will receive both personal and general student requests via SMS, push, and email notifications. You can indicate which type of new notification you prefer by going your profile, select Account tab, then select General tab. Under Notifications section choose your messaging preferences. You will find New Requests in your Messages tab.

How long do I have to respond to a student’s personal instruction request?
You have 72 hours to respond to a personal instruction request. After that time, it will be closed and you will no longer be able to contact the potential client. We encourage you to reply to a student as soon as possible.

How long do I have to answer a general flight request?
General request are sent to all local flight instructors that meet the student’s specific search criteria and are within 100 miles of the student’s location. The first 10 flight instructors to respond will be able to message the student. If no instructor is hired, the request will be closed after seven days.

Can I turn off messaging, SMS and push notifications for certain times?
Yes. Select Account in your profile. Select General. Under the Notifications section you can opt to schedule your Do not disturb hours. You will not receive alerts or messages between selected hours. You will receive all the messages and alerts you missed once the selected time frame is over. You can remove your profile from public view when necessary without deleting your profile. Select Account in your profile. Select Services. Under the Status section you can choose to display your profile to new flight students.

How do I bill a student?
You will not be able to create an invoice and bill a student until he or she selects the Hire Now button. Once hired, go to Tracking in your profile. Select the correct student at the top of the page. After ensuring your invoice is accurate and complete, touch the Submit for Billing button. This will charge the student’s credit card on file. They will be emailed an invoice for those times submitted.  Note: you must connect your Instructair and Strip accounts in Settings before your invoice will be approved.

How do I get paid?
Flight instructors will need to connect to Stripe, a mobile commerce platform, through our app in order to be paid. When you create your online profile, you will be prompted to enter your bank information. Payments will be automatically deposited into your account within 2-3 days after student payment has been made. Stripe automatically converts payments accepted in other currencies.  Note: your first invoice will take seven days to post as a fraud prevention measure.

What happens after the flight instructor marks an Active request as complete?
Once flight training has been completed with a student, you can mark the instruction request complete to remove it from your Request section. Once completed, it will remain visible for 24 hours in your list. The student can see the request has been completed, but it is not removed from their list.

How long do I have to bill the student after the Active request is marked complete?
Instructors have 24 hours to send the final bill to the client from the time the student marks training as complete. You will receive an alert when the student has closed the request. If not submitted wishing 24 hours, the instructor will need to email to submit the final invoice.

When can a student provide a flight instructor review?
A student can provide an instructor review after the first invoice has been billed and paid. Students will be notified that they can leave a review. The review option remains open until a review is provided or the request is completed. Students can give one review per instruction request.

Can I dispute a student review?
You will need to contact the site administrator at if you have any concerns or disputes.

How do I delete my profile?
You can remove your profile from public view temporarily, when necessary, without deleting your profile. Select Account in your profile. Select Services. Under the Status section choose whether or not to display your profile to new students. To permanently delete your profile, contact the site administrator at If you make this request, all of your account information and activities will no longer be available.

Where do I send Instructair questions, concerns, or suggestions?
Please email We appreciate all feedback and will return your email as quickly as possible.